Family goes to adopt a new dog months after their pet disappeared

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Losing a pet is always a distressing experience, but it’s crucial to maintain hope, as our cherished companions can sometimes find their way back to us in unforeseen ways.

This proved true for one family who, after their previous pet had been missing for months, made the decision to welcome a new dog into their lives, only to encounter a strikingly familiar sight.

In January, a family from Queens, New York, was left heartbroken when their beloved dog Mocha vanished. They entrusted her to a dog sitter while embarking on a week-long vacation, only to return to find her gone.

Months passed without any sign of their beloved dog, and they reluctantly came to terms with the idea that he may never return. To cope with the heartbreaking loss, they made the decision to welcome a new shelter dog into their lives.

On a Sunday, they attended an adoption event at Union Square Park organized by Animal Care Centers of New York City.

“We were in the city and heard about the event. While driving, we thought, ‘Let’s go check it out,'” recounted the father of the family to the NY Daily News. “We had some time to spare, so we decided to go and see if we could find a puppy.”

Browsing through the adoptable dogs, they were taken aback when they spotted a very familiar face… it was Mocha!

According to the ACC, Mocha was discovered tied to a post near the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and was subsequently brought to the Brooklyn ACC by the NYPD.

During her time at the shelter, Mocha, known as “Sandy,” had become a beloved favorite among staff and volunteers. She was anticipated to be a popular choice for adoption at the event, yet fortunately, no one had come forward to claim her before her family arrived. Staff described her as having the “temperament of a family dog.”

The family was taken aback by the sight of the dog. It was an extraordinary twist of fate that reunited them. In a video shared by the ACC, the father can be heard exclaiming with excitement, “I’m telling you, that’s my dog!” as they joyfully reunite with Mocha, who leaps with happiness at the sight of her old family.

The shelter confirmed their ownership claim and happily entrusted Mocha back into their care, expressing their elation at reuniting the affectionate dog with her family.

Now back home, Mocha is receiving abundant love and attention from her reunited family.

“Her absolute favorite is raw meat,” shared the family’s father with the Daily News, expressing his intention to pamper the dog throughout the summer. “She’s not a fan of kibble. Raw meat is what she loves.”

The details surrounding Mocha’s disappearance remain somewhat unclear. Reports indicate that she was notably fatigued and had lost weight, yet fortunately, she appeared to be uninjured.

The owner voiced suspicions regarding the dog sitter, alleging that the individual was evasive and unresponsive to calls following Mocha’s disappearance. However, he speculates that Mocha might have fled from the sitter and subsequently been discovered by someone else who then tied her up.

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