Family discovers 450-pound pig in their yard — uses Oreos to help him get back home

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It’s heartwarming to hear stories about people going out of their way to help lost animals find their way back home. Recently, a family in Wisconsin showed remarkable kindness to an unexpected visitor in their driveway – a 450-pound pig!

Jake Molgaard and his wife were relaxing at home one Friday night when their security cameras caught sight of something unusual: a huge black pig wandering around in their driveway. After some investigation, they discovered that the pig belonged to a nearby hobby farm and had somehow escaped, likely in search of companionship.

The owner, who was away at the time of the pig’s escapade, explained to Jake over the phone that the pig’s name was Kevin Bacon and that he was probably feeling lonely. Determined to help, Jake and his family took it upon themselves to guide Kevin Bacon back home, despite the challenge of transporting a 450-pound pig over a mile’s distance.

With some clever thinking and the owner’s advice, they enticed Kevin Bacon with treats from their fridge, knowing his weakness for sweets and junk food – a habit he apparently picked up from eating donuts at the farm. They even had Jake’s daughter hop on Kevin Bacon’s back to encourage him to move faster. Additionally, they received assistance from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department to ensure a safe journey.

Although the operation took a couple of hours, they eventually succeeded in reuniting Kevin Bacon with his farm family. By the end of it all, Jake’s children had grown so attached to the gentle giant that they wanted to keep him as a permanent member of the family. However, Jake had to gently remind them that a 450-pound pig wouldn’t quite fit into their household plans. Nonetheless, their bond with Kevin Bacon remained strong, showcasing the power of compassion and connection between humans and animals.

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