Elephant cub rescued after falling into 30 feet deep well in India

An elephant calf’s misfortune turned into a pretty complicated rescue operation, in a remote Indian village, after falling into a well.

Twitter/ Shashikant Verma

The poor baby elephant has accidentally fell into the 30 feet deep well, located in the Nimatand village, in the state of Jharkhand, Eastern India. Earlier this month, the calf adventured into the village alongside its herd from a nearby forest. The herd was eventually shooed away by the locals. Since the scene happened during the night, the poor elephant has been discovered into the well, only later in the morning.

“Unluckily, in the dark of the night, an elephant calf fell into the well,” Shashikant Verma – a local official, told the media. Even though the water level was pretty high and the calf fell from a considerable height, it miraculously escaped unharmed. “The water level wasn’t high enough, but the calf got some buoyancy after falling and didn’t get any injuries,” Verma added.

Twitter/ Shashikant Verma

However, it took a bunch of workers, three backhoes and a dramatic rescue that took nearly eight hours to save the unlucky elephant calf. But in the end it worth all the effort as the little one was freed unharmed. It was pretty confused and it surely got the fright of its life, though!

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