Dying Horse Collapses With Moments Away From Being Put Down, But Watch How Stable Mate Revives Her


We all know horses are not only incredibly beautiful but also extremely intelligent. But what not many people may know about these majestic creatures is the fact that they are very compassionate as well. And nowhere is this more obvious than in the video below.
In it, you can see a horse doing his best to revive his sick companion, and the images are going viral. Apparently, the horse fell down after experiencing severe abdominal pain. The horse’s owner tried for several hours to bring her back up, but nothing worked. So after six hours of seeing Beatrice struggle, the owner made the decision to put an end to her sufferance.
You see, the more the horse sat down, the more at risk she would be from suffering fatal organ failure, so every second counted. And as if knowing that time was running out for her stablemate, the horse in the stable next to Beatrice did something to help her get up. With only twenty minutes to go until Beatrice was scheduled to be put down, her friend managed to bring her back on her feet.
Since then, Beatrice has made a full recovery. This is something you need to see to believe so take a look.