Dog eager to join the family of bears playing in her pool


The summer is nearly over, yet pool time isn’t something to give up so easy. Nonetheless not just humans go crazy for diving to cool off, but animals as well. As this heartwarming video shows it, this family of bears really know how to beat the heat!

When a mother bear and her two cubs decide to enjoy some quality time in this Los Angeles County family’s backyard pool, the couple couldn’t be more excited. Especially when they see their dog Daisy, so eager to join the unlikely visitors. Eventually, the unfortunate puppy had to settle with watching them through the window with her family amusing next to her.

INSTAGRAM/ tiffanynoelkress

Tough a family of bears stopping by to cool off in your pool isn’t the most common sight, Tiffany Noel Kress and her husband Kevin were so happy for it. But their beloved dog was even happier. In fact, Daisy was the one who spotted the furry visitors in the first place. A well mannered dog, Daisy always rings a bell when she wants to go outside. So when hearing the ringing bell, Tiffany rushed to open the door for Daisy, but she quickly changed her mind when realizing the reason behind Daisy’s decision.

INSTAGRAM/ tiffanynoelkress

Instead, the woman grabbed her cellphone and caught the family of bears that decided to turn her backyard pool into their playground. Turns out the three bears were a very common sight over the last few months for the Kress family. However, they’ve never been so close, before.

INSTAGRAM/ tiffanynoelkress

“We see these bears almost every day and often multiple times a day behind our house,” Tiffany wrote on Instagram. “But they finally decided to come over the wall and drop in for a dip in the pool! Our dog Daisy really wanted to go meet the new friends.”

INSTAGRAM/ tiffanynoelkress

As Daisy was so eager to go outside and meet her neighbors, her parents decided it’s better for her to remain inside. “I don’t think she can go out right now,” Tiffany can be heard saying!” So they all watched the moment from the safely behind the windows, while Daisy repeatedly rang her bell and barked. However, the bear’s pool time didn’t last too long as the little cubs quickly bored of it and started a play fight outside the water. Their mom immediately followed them and they all got back in the wood.

Watch the moment here:

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