Dog, initially resistant to being petted by a couple for an entire year, has now transformed into the most ‘eccentric’ canine.

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Kristin Erwin, a compassionate individual devoted to aiding abandoned canines in Texas, consistently demonstrates a combination of understanding and tenacity. Her unwavering commitment to rescuing these animals led her to establish StreetHeartsTX, her very own rescue organization. However, it was her spouse who took the initiative in saving one particular canine when a white dog with captivating blue eyes unexpectedly appeared at their workplace.

Over the course of an entire year, this dog observed them diligently. Despite being exceedingly wary and elusive, the dog accepted the sustenance they offered without allowing them to approach. In the rescue video she shared, Kristin recounted, “We would toss food in the hope of gaining his trust one day.” Nevertheless, the canine maintained its distance until they opted to bring in additional support – their own dogs.

Their canine companions played a vital role, imparting crucial lessons to the stray white dog about the trustworthiness of Kristin and her husband.

Kristin expressed the difficulty of leaving the dog behind every evening when work concluded. After a few additional weeks elapsed, a significant turning point emerged. Miraculously, the dog started eating from Kristin’s husband’s hands!

The initial occurrence left Kristin exhilarated, exclaiming, “it feels like a dream.” Subsequently, the dog experienced its “first pet” and even ventured into their work office. Convincing the dog to join their pack and head home happened shortly thereafter.

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