Dog Gives Birth, Then Neighbor Cat Snatches Her Puppies And Runs

Cats and dogs have been portrayed as enemies for as long as anybody can remember, but during difficult moments, they can leave aside all of their differences and do what’s right.
When Miss Kitty came across a litter of puppies that desperately needed a mother to survive, she stepped in and assumed the role even though she was not a dog. Missy Grant, Miss Kitty’s owner, said the cat had her own babies, but the kittens unfortunately died.
During the same time, the owner’s dog Smoochy gave birth, but for some reason, the dog refused to take care of her puppies and be a mom to them. Can you guess what happened next? Those were the same puppies that Miss Kitty adopted and took care of.
In the end, the puppies got a loving mom to take care of them, and Miss Kitty got to finally be a mom after losing her own babies. It’s funny how things work out themselves sometimes, don’t you think?
As far as animal stories are concerned, this one is definitely worth of being turned into a movie. But until some movie producer gets a hold of the script, you can find out more about the story by watching the video below.

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