Denied a Swim, This Great Dane’s Hilarious Reaction Is a Must-See!

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Someone telling you you’re not allowed to do something only makes you want to do that something even more, right? The temptation of the forbidden fruit is real – and so is the struggle to resist the temptation

We’ve all been in situations where the mere fact that something is not allowed only sharpens the desire for it. It’s just human nature! But if this video is any indication of the truth, it’s not just us humans who experience these kinds of emotions. Dogs do too!
Take the Great Dane in the hilarious video below, for example. When his owner tells him that he’s not allowed to get into the pool, that only makes him want to take a dip even more! How can we know for sure?

Well, the dog makes his feelings pretty clear, and he doesn’t even need words to do so! Using his own language, the pup perfectly expresses his displeasure with his owner’s decision to not let him get in the pool. In all fairness, that pool does look pretty good, right?

Who wouldn’t be tempted to want to go for a swim, particularly during a hot summer day? Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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