Dad Captures the Funniest Moment: Puppy Wakes Up in Shock from His Own Fart!

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A life’s puppy is full of new and exciting discoveries that sometimes have hilarious results. As an owner, you can only be happy and grateful that you get to be there when these moments occur. And if you’re really lucky, you might actually get to capture some of those moments on video.

The puppy in the video below looked as if he was having an intense dream, so his owner decided to grab his phone and record the pup’s reactions. Little did he know that the pup was about to do something that was even more hilarious.

You see, as the dog was sleeping, he unexpectedly let out a loud fart that people in China most likely heard as well. Now, let’s be upfront about this; farts are funny at any age. But that’s not even the funniest part of this video.

The best part of the clip is getting to see the pup’s reaction to hearing his own fart. The dog is visibly shocked by what his body has done, and the loud sound even wakes him up from his sleep. Then the pup looks around as if he can’t believe that weird sound came from his body. Hilarious!

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