Cute baby koala sneaks into guy’s car and refuses to leave

Sometimes wildlife offers the sort of experiences we can only dream of. So you can imagine what a lovely surprise this Australian had, when spotted a wild koala chilling out in the backseat of his car.

Tim Whitrow, a winemaker from Australia was on a visit to his wineyard when experienced the lovely encounter. It was on of those extremely hot days and since Tim’s dog didn’t want to leave the comfort of the car, he left the car doors unlocked and the air conditioning on. However, when he got back he was surprised to noticed his doggie wasn’t alone in there.


“When you leave your car doors open in a vineyard, koalas jump into your car,” Tim explained, “…and your dog is really curious- so we’re going to let him go.”

Turned out a koala just sneaked into Tim’s car and had no intention to leave. So the man grabbed his cellphone to capture this one in a lifetime experience. He initially thought the wild mammal will leave immediately since koalas do not naturally love human presence. But it was nothing like that. After all, you leaves the comfort of an air-conditioned car for the outside heat?


“I’m a winemaker and we were going out to one of the vineyards, when I noticed these fluffy ears coming up from behind,” Tim told in an interview for THE DODO. “If it’s a really warm day, I’ll leave the car running with the air conditioning on and the door open, so that my dog can get in and out of the car.”


Getting the unlikely visitor out of the car had proved a tougher mission than Tim initially thought.

“C’mon mate, can I get you to come out of my car please?” the man politely asks the koala. “It’s alright, I’m not going to hurt you. He was just there to chill out in the air conditioning. C’mon buddy, you’re tearing up my dash.”


Tim even offered some water to the little koala, thinking he would eventually leave. But the fluffy passenger decided to stay a little bit longer. Well, after another moments of chatter, the koala finally decided to leave Tim’s car and jumped onto a three.

“There he goes, he’s happy now,” Tim can be heard saying. “Good on ya mate, thanks for all the damage to my car.”

Take a peek:

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