Cowboy hears woman scream when thief robs her, proceeds to lasso thief in parking lot

A man on a horse saving a lady in distress and using his lasso to catch the wrong-doer? That sounds more like a scene from an old western movie or a book written dozens of years ago than something that could happen in this day and age.
But it’s exactly what happened in a Walmart parking lot in Eagle Point, Oregon when cowboy Robert Borba stopped to help a woman whose bike was almost stolen by a would-be-thief. And now the story is going viral.
The man used his superior lassoing skills to trap the man before he had time to ride the bike he was planning to stole out of the parking lot. All those who watching this unbelievable scene unfold in front of their eyes just couldn’t believe what they were seeing.
But the one who was most impressed was of course the woman whose bike got stolen. She was happy that she was able to get her bike back and that nobody ended up getting hurt.
This is this the stuff you usually see in movies, but it’s nice to know that heroes who can use their special abilities to do good also exist in real life.

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