Cheetah mistakes repeated meerkat attacks as enjoyable grooming sessions


Usually, when we hear about a cheetah and a meerkat in the same context, we deduce one of them is actually the meal. But this story proves us that things are completely different. Meet Kinji, a loudly purring cheetah kitten and her unusual friends, the meerkats

In a heart warming you can see how the big cat adorably mistook the intentions of a group of angry attacking meerkats on the other side of a wire fence as his personal groomers. The footage was captured by Dolph C. Volk, the human who cares for all of them along with other animals.

As the animal keeper declared it seems that Kinji is a very friendly cat and she really loves meerkats. But, it looks like the meerkats  doesn’t share the same feelings.

“Here he is at 8 months and 2 years old trying to get the meerkats to scratch him. He ends up purring to the delight of getting a grooming from these small creatures. He has no idea they want to harm him! Meerkats are territorial and do not like predators. Staff label Kinji as ‘The cheetah that doesn’t purr’ and it is rare for sure. I’ve only heard him purr when eating sometimes, playing with a toy sometimes, and encountering his meerkat friends,” Volk said.

Check the video bellow!


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