Terrifying moment 5-metre great white shark is chasing a kayaker


I was always afraid of surfing and kayaking. The reason? Well you never know what is beneath you in the ocean’s dark and deep waters. And this terrifying footage totally approves me.

An Australian fisherman was enjoying his ride near New South Wales, when he spotted something huge in the water. Confused, David Barwise didn’t realized what it might be. But when he saw the fin, he soon figured out there a huge white shark.

Scared out of his wits, David was horrified when saw the 5-meters-long shark is actually chasing him. You can see his camera shaking while he tries to tell his mate what’s happening.

Credit: PA


“That’s a huge white shark, I’m fu****g shaking, I can hear him thumping away behind me,”he said.

Despite the danger, David remain really calm, trying to drive it away by breaking the water with his paddle. However, the giant doesn’t look to intimidated by the kayaker’s moves.

“I’m pretty sure he wasn’t out to hurt us, he’s just very curious and friendly. I think like a very big puppy dog in a way and he was coming over to check us out.”

But honestly, how you might feel like being chased by a huge creature in a tiny plastic boat? After the adrenaline rush adventure, the man said he would respect those animals more.

“We very much appreciate and respect these animals and we definitely not out there to hurt them in any way,” he said. Anyway, he says he wouldn’t gave up on fishing and kayaking!

Watch the video bellow!