Cat Found in Basement with 5 Lbs. of Matted Fur. The Look On His Face When It Comes Off Goes Viral


No pets deserve to be neglected or abused. Animals make our lives so much better, in so many different ways. Whether it is to provide companionship, unconditional love or just moral support, pets impact our lives in ways we don’t even properly realize.
This is why it’s shocking to me that some owners would just choose to abandon their animal friends or just leave them up to chance. The feline in the video below named Sinbad was found covered in 5 pounds of matted fur. It barely even looked like a cat when a utility worker in Chicago saw him in the home of an elderly gentleman.
The Persian cat was severely neglected and was taken to an animal shelter where volunteers spent hours removing all the matted fur. By the end of it, Sinbad was a new cat. His eyes started to brighten up and it showed clear signs of feeling a lot better.
But that was just the beginning for him. Now, Sinbad has a new owner who is capable of providing him with all the love and care he needs to lead a happy, healthy life. To find out more about the cat’s impressive story and see how he looks like now, check out the video below