Security camera show kitten crying when owner leaves the house

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No one wants to be left home alone, let alone a spoiled fluffy kitten. After her mom left her home during the Lunar New Year in China, the sweet Fu Fu knew exactly how to warm her heart. He just starred into the surveillance camera and started to cry, to make sure he won’t be left behind again, next time.


The drama unfolded soon after Ms Meng left her home. The young woman decided to visit her parents during a famous holiday in China. Because she was afraid her very fussy cat won’t feel himself too comfortable inside her parents’ house. Therefore, she decided to leave the 2-year-old British Shorthair all alone for a few days.


Nonetheless, the young lady instantly regretted her decision, soon as she checked on her cat on a surveillance camera. The downhearted cat instantly started to cry when he heard his mom’s voice. “Do you miss me?…I will come back in a few days,” the woman can be heard in the now viral footage. The poor kitten then uses her tiny paw in an attempt to reach his mom through the security camera.

The moment was too much to handle for Ms Meng who said she just felt so guilty and heartbroken. Of course, upon such a heart-melting sight, the woman decide to come back earlier than she initially planned. The touching footage, initially shared on Douyin – the Chinese version of TikTok – went viral with millions of hearts melted upon seeing the dramatic scenes.

Take a look:

“I felt so heartbroken when I saw this,’ Ms Meng said. “I had planned to stay at my parents’ home for a week, but we all returned to Xuzhou early.”

Ms Meng

When she returned home, the young woman also captured on camera the moment Fu Fu sees her walking inside the house. The cat’s reaction is incredible. He just looks like he cannot believe his eyes his mom is back. Worried, Ms Meng has then taken her beloved feline to a vet to make sure everything is ok, and so it was!

Watch the moment FuFu realizes his owner has returned back home!

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