Funniest argument ever: annoyed cat pushes dog into a swimming pool! Hilarious!


There is nothing more annoying when you’re just minding your own business and someone walks up to you and starts yapping and yapping about this and that, usually things you couldn’t care less about. And all you want to do is listen to no one. 😉These adorable little puppies came across this kitty who just wanted to enjoy her moment in the sun. Well, they were really starting to get on the cat’s nerves, when she decided to take action. And boy, that was funny! 😀

The cat is lying beside the pool, chilling and minding her own business. Two Lhasa Apso dogs seem to have fun, but they do that around the cat. The cat seems relaxed and ignoring them, flipping her tail, enjoying the sun at the pool. All of the sudden the dogs start messing with her. They appear to have fun now, but with the cat. She starts to not like it and sends warning hisses to them, but one of the pups don’t pay attention – wrong move!