Caring dog caught on camera checking on his kids as they sleep at night


Dogs are known as very caring beings, especially when they have kids around. Though, a dog can easily be called everyone’s best buddy, dogs and mini humans share some of the most special bond. While all dogs are protective with their owners, this sweet furry companion takes it to a whole new level.


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Killian has always been great fond of his three human brothers, even before they were born. He used to sit next to his owner’s belly while pregnant for hours. Since then, Kelly Rottet knew her kids will have the greatest friend in this gentle dog. But recently, she witnessed a scene that left her speechless.

Turns out, Killian acts as a protective brother not just during the day, but also at night, when everyone in the family is sleeping. Recently, the security camera caught the caring dog while checking on his human brothers as they were sleeping.


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A post shared by Kelly Rottet (@kellrottet)

Unquestionably, Kelly’s heart melted within seconds upon watching the heartwarming moment. But she wasn’t the only one that fell in love with the adorable footage as it gained million of views shortly after the woman shared it online. Take a peek:

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Apparently, that’s what the gentle Killian does every night. More, as his mom says, he lately started to check on everyone in the house during their sleep, not just the kids. “He does this often,” Kelly told The Dodo. “He will wander around the house throughout the night, checking on all of us. It gives us a sense of security knowing he’s guarding the house at night.”

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