Bus Driver Pulls Up. Mouth Hangs Open At Animal Sprinting Toward Them


Many kids have a family pet with whom they like to play and cuddle all day long. But for most children, that pet is usually a cat or a dog. Well, the girl in the video below has a different kind of pet, more precisely, a rooster.
It might sound like an odd choice for a pet, but for 13-year-old Savannah, her rooster named Frog is the best animal companion anyone could ever wish for.
The girl from Texas first met Frog after her mom brought him home to keep around the house. The two immediately hit it off, and it was clear to Savannah that Frog was not like any other rooster. First of all, Frog didn’t walk like a rooster, he hoped instead.
Secondly, Frog turned out to be a lot more affectionate than the other chickens the family has had in the past. And least but not last, he loved being around people more than he enjoyed being around other animals.
And now Frog and Savannah are so close that the rooster waits for her to come home from school every day and when he finally sees her, he has the best reaction. Take a look: