Brown Lab Gives Birth to 5 Puppies, Then Owner’s Jaw Drops When She Sees One Puppy’s Fur


A green puppy might sound like something you can only see in a cartoon, but Fifi’s hair is all natural, although it sure doesn’t look like it.
The puppy shocked everybody when it came out of his mom’s belly Milly looking totally unexpected. Milly gave birth to a total of five babies, but Fifi was the only who came out green. The dogs’ owners were pretty baffled to see this totally unusual color and started looking for answers.
Although the puppy seemed fine and didn’t act different compared to the rest of his siblings, the owners were still worried that there might be something wrong with him or with his mom.
So what is the explanation for Fifi’s unusual color? Well, apparently the puppy came in contact with a substance call Biliverden which is found in the placenta. This is something that only happens rarely to dogs who are light colored.
The good news is that it doesn’t cause any danger to the puppy or his mom. Still, the dog’s natural green hair didn’t go unnoticed. The puppy is getting plenty of love and attention from people who appreciate his unique fur.
Let’s just hope the other puppies won’t get green with envy because of Fifi’s popularity.