Brave men rescue mountain lion from bobcat trap

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A dramatic footage shows two rescuers while trying to release an angry mountain lion from a bobcat trap. The rescue operation was filmed by Division of Wildlife Resources conservation officer Mark Ekins, in the Pine Valley Mountains in southern Utah. Scenes like that are very common in the area. According to officer Ekins, “trappers in the state of Utah are a huge asset in controlling predator populations, and essential in wildlife management.”

However, imagine getting closer to an angry, massive mountain lion, regardless the intention. Despite the two men’s purpose was to set  the animal free, the wild creature doesn’t know that. But our heroes proved some great self-control, during the six minutes rescue operation. And according to one of the officers, being nervous means respect for the wilderness.

“If I wasn’t nervous or started to lack respect for the power of that animal, it could potentially be very dangerous,” Ekins said. “I’m nervous and I’m extremely careful when doing it… I’ve probably only done three in my career that were as big as the one you saw. That was a really big one.”

After several hard minutes, the two rescuers hard work paid off as the wild animals has been finally released from what it might been a deadly trap. Once he feels he has been released, the cougar ran down the mountain.

Asked why they used that method instead of tranquillising the animal, Mr. Ekins said:” it’s more humane and a lot safer.” Watch the dramatic rescue bellow:

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