Black bear with no fur found in dumpster – one year later you won’t recognize her

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If I were to ask you to visualize a bear in your imagination, you would likely conjure up an image of a grand creature covered in fur that surpasses most other meat-eating animals on Earth. However, allow me to introduce you to Eve. Initially, her rescuers weren’t entirely certain she was a bear.

Eve was hairless, pink, covered in scabs, and devoid of her innate dignity, making it difficult to identify her as one of the proudest animals on the planet. The CA Department of Fish and Wildlife rescued Eve on Christmas Eve of 2017 from Placer County, California, and thus began her remarkable journey to recovery.

Facebook/The Humane Society of the United States

Named after the day she was discovered, “Eve,” the juvenile black bear was provided shelter at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center. It was soon apparent that she was afflicted with severe mange and was smaller than expected for her age. Fortunately, the staff administered thorough treatment to eradicate the lice infesting her skin and commenced regular baths to revitalize her coat.

Nonetheless, come April, which was approximately four months after her arrival, her recovery was still not up to the staff’s desired standards.

“We did see fur regrowth on sections of her body during her last exam, but it is very sparse, overall,” the center wrote on Facebook. “She does still have some crustiness on her cervical and upper thoracic spine area and oddly, that is where a lot of her fur growth is as well. She has taken to her pools and is frequently leaving the water when her caretakers approach; she leaves the surrounding area very wet from her splashing and playing!”

By July, the severe mange that afflicted Eve had mostly disappeared, though she persisted in battling skin infections and needed medication.

The center conveyed, “Undoubtedly, we all desire for Eve to be hale and hearty and have the chance for a life of high quality. Only time will reveal what the future holds, but presently, we remain deeply hopeful that one day she can be reintroduced into her natural habitat.”

In due course, the Wildfire Center arrived at the conclusion that it was most prudent for Eve to remain in captivity, given that her lack of fur could pose a threat to her survival. Furthermore, due to the California wildfires that devastated the state at the end of last year, releasing her was deemed impracticable.

Nevertheless, things were not entirely bleak for Eve. The center has initiated a fundraising campaign to ensure that she has a permanent home. They stated, “We have always been dedicated to providing the best possible care for Eve and have consistently prioritized her welfare — as we do now. We will maintain our dedication and are currently in the preliminary phases of preparing Eve for her Forever Home at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, our sister animal sanctuary located in Texas.”

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