Baby Pulls On Adopted Cat’s Leg, Mom’s Captured Footage Goes Viral

Bringing a new pet home is an exciting moment, but it’s not one without challenges, especially when there’s a baby in the family. It’s only natural for parents to worry about the new pet not getting along with the baby and it hurting the small child.
Also, it’s a known fact that pets need a lot of attention and affection. But babies need even more. And it’s not uncommon for cats in particular to get jealous whenever there’s someone around who is the center of attention.
So when the mom in the video below brought home a new cat she adopted, her biggest concern was to make sure the baby and the feline got off to a good start. But if the video below is any indication of the truth, she has no reasons to worry about the cat and her baby not getting along.
That’s because the cat simply adores his new play buddy and comes running every time the baby makes a sound. And this is just the beginning of their precious friendship. See it in action by watching the video below.
This clip features the two secret ingredients of any viral video: cats and babies. So don’t forget to share!

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