Baby has no idea a camera is rolling, what dad captures has everyone in stitches

Dogs and babies have a lot in common, wouldn’t you say so? For starters, they are both insanely cute and will steal the spotlight no matter the situation. Secondly, they both have some trouble putting their thoughts and feelings into a form that the rest of us can easily understand. Dogs and babies get each other and are able to communicate in a way that doesn’t necessarily require any words.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the hilarious video below. In it, a beautiful Husky and an adorable little baby seem as if they are talking to each other – and the images are going viral. The footage shows the baby talking and the Alaskan Husky responding back with a friendly howl as if he somehow knew exactly what the baby was trying to say!

There have been many awesome reactions online from people who own Huskies and according to them, it’s quite common for dogs of this breed to have this kind of behavior. They use their voice and howl to show they care and communicate to those around them.
This is surely just the first of many fascinating conversations to come. Take a look!

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