Baby girl showers her dog with kisses on the nose – watch dog’s epic reaction

As a parent with both small children and dogs in the house, it’s crucial to exercise caution. Especially when your baby is near your pet, you need to be extra vigilant. Even though you may have complete faith in your pets, they can behave unpredictably. However, it’s uncommon for a dog that has been cherished and adored in your home to react negatively since they’re devoted to their family and have an inherent protective instinct.


Quinn, a baby girl from San Antonio, Texas, absolutely loves her family’s white German Shepherd dog named Larry. A heartwarming video of her showering him with kisses has been melting hearts. Since Larry is too young to speak, he communicates with actions, making his response to Quinn all the more adorable. As per a YouTube post, Larry is nine months older than Quinn and has been smitten with her since her parents brought her home. In return, Quinn wants to show Larry how much she loves him and often gives him kisses on the nose.


Initially, Larry appears disinterested as he lounges on his bed, but suddenly he gets up and responds in a way that makes Quinn squeal with delight. Luckily, someone was present to capture the touching moment on camera, and the video has now become a viral sensation.

If you watch the video below, you’ll see why.

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