Baby elephant rushes into river to save her caretaker from ‘drowning’

This is the adorable moment a tiny elephant rushes into a river to rescue her human best friend, thinking he was drowning. The heart-warming scene unfolded at the Elephant Nature Park – an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, and it was captured on camera.


Lovely video footage shows Kham Lha – a 5-year-old elephant, rushing to help her caretaker, 24-year-old Darrick Thomson. The man was swimming in the river, but the caring elephant thinks her favorite human is actually in deep trouble, so without a second thought she runs into the water and swims towards Darrick to help him out.

Needless to say, the man doesn’t really need to be saved, but it is extremely remarkable how affectionate this baby elephant is! “I went in the river to show just how remarkable the relationship with humans is,” Darrick, originally from Canada, said. “And that if you show warmth and kindness to them, they will treat you well, too.”


With an extremely tough past, Kham Lha was brought at the sanctuary along other 18 rescued elephants. The adorable creatures were forced to perform tricks for entertainment or to carry tourists on their backs, on the streets of Thailand. But fortunately that torture came to an end, and they now they finally have the chance to enjoy a peaceful life.

She [Kham Lha] was in a really bad way when she came to us,” the caretaker said. “She had been tied up and forced to undergo tough training known as crushing to prepare her to work in the tourist industry. We freed her and helped her to recover. She became really close to me.”


Kham Lha was only four years old when she got there, and she soon befriended staff member Darrick, who looked after her just as she was his own child. Now they share an incredible bond, and as the video proved, Kham Lha doesn’t want her friend to ever get heart.

A moment to show, once again that we do not deserve animals. Take a look:

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