Tiny fawn shows up at man’s door, warms his heart with the cute sound she makes

It isn’t something unusual to came across your neighbors’ pets on your porch, but when this guy opened his front door and saw a baby deer staring at him, he was nothing but surprised. At least he lives in British Columbia, so wildlife sightings around the neighborhood are very common. Nonetheless, a fawn knocking at your door, might be a bit too much, even for someone who lives here.

YouTube/Corey S

However, a moment like this is as charming as it sounds, and so it was for Corey S from Maple Ridge. The man was inside when he heard a strange noise coming from his front porch. He went to investigate, but when he opened the door he got the sweetest surprise. A day old fawn was standing right there, staring at him. No one could ever resist to such an overload of cuteness, including Corey whose heart instantly melted.

YouTube/Corey S

But it wasn’t just the tiny deer’s presence so pleasant. The scene was getting sweeter and sweeter when the adorable creature started ‘to talk.’ The cute sound she made was too cute to handle! Thankfully, the lucky man caught the sweet scene on his cellphone and shared it online. As you can imagine, it didn’t take too long until millions of viewers fell in love with the short footage, and you’ll be one of them, I’m so sure of it!

“I was inside and heard a peculiar noise, finally I opened the door I must admit it took my by suprise…” the man wrote on Youtube. “I swear it understands me.. It sure wants me to listen to it when I try backing away. ‘Have you seen my Mommy? I’m Hungry’. Turn up the volume and listen carefully!”

Watch the adorable moment here!

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