Baby Cries, But Family’s Bullmastiff Comforts Him In A Special Way

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He loved the baby more than his toy.
Meet Brutus, a family Bullmastiff who was adopted back in 2016 by a woman named Bonnie Michalek, along with her husband. He loved them as much as they loved him. Brutus is also a very intuitive dog. So much so that when Bonnie got pregnant, Brutus suspected it to be so before Bonnie herself did – and started becoming more protective of her safety in general.

Bonnie safely gave birth to baby Kayden, who was the newest addition to the ever-growing family. Brutus loved children, but the couple remained cautious in introducing the two in a proper manner just in case anything went wrong. It was a huge success – both Kayden and Brutus took an almost immediate liking for one another, and it soon went from fondness to love.

Brutus had a toy he fancied, and would almost always be spotted with it. On the couch and on the bed, even. But as soon as he met Kayden, he felt that it became his responsibility to look after the infant whenever he possibly could.

When Kayden wails or cries out loud, Brutus would always be nearby – and goes straight up to the baby to comfort him.

He brought his favorite toy, coined ‘fluffball’, to Kayden – and it stopped his wails!

He brought his favorite toy, coined ‘fluffball’, to Kayden – and it stopped his wails!Ironically, Brutus was very possessive of his toy ‘fluffball’ – and gave it only to Kayden! That is true love, right there.

Watch the special video below!

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