Baby alpaca runs over and hugs its mom in lovely footage

When it comes to cheering up moments, nothing beats the animal kingdom. Wildlife is an endless source of heartwarming scenes and this adorable footage is no different!

When Sierra Santiago and his little daughter went to visit the The Alpaca Boutique in Medina, Ohio, they never thought they’ll witness the sweetest scene ever. Yet, their hearts melted within seconds when an emotional moment unfolded right in front of their eyes.

Screenshot via Youtube

All of a sudden a baby alpaca run to its mom to give her the biggest possible hug. Thankfully, Sierra caught the moment on her cellphone and the whole internet fell in love with it. The short footage begins with Sierra’s daughter nervously stepping away from an alpaca. Then a baby baby alpaca can be seen sprinting towards its mom and giving her a hug while standing on his hind legs.

Screenshot via Youtube

“We were just feeding the animals and the baby came running towards it’s mother, the woman later said. “The end results were us saying awww at the end.”

Screenshot via Youtube

It is unclear what determined the baby alpaca to take the surprising (and so sweet) decision, but the netizens are taking their guess. Some of the people that watched the video said the little one got jealous after the girl approached its beloved momma. “She’s MY mommy, not yours!” one person perfectly captioned the moment!

Watch the tender scene below :

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