Anderson Cooper donates life-saving vests for all K9s in the Virginia police department

Dogs have proven to be an extraordinary asset, partnering up with human police officers and ultimately putting their life at risk to ensure our safety and make the world a better place. Their contribution is extraordinary, but unfortunately, police dog work can sometimes be deadly.
The Officer Down Memorial Page also tracks police dog fatalities in the line of duty. According to their statistics, the number of canines who died in the line of duty has increased in the fast few years. One of the reasons dogs die during operation is due to gunshot.
Many dogs die after being shot trying to stop an armed attacker or protecting their human partners. One of the best ways to protect dogs in this situation is to give them bulletproof vests. CNN’s Anderson Cooper has recently announced he wants to support this project and donated a significant amount of money to ensure every K9 at the Norfolk Police Department will get a vest as soon as possible.
The anchor was on Jeopardy among other celebrity contestants and walked away with $10,000 but that didn’t stop him to donate four times that amount to Spikes K9 fund. Spikes is dedicated to protecting service dogs in the line of duty.

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