200lbs American Molossus – the ultimate guard dog

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Marcus Curtis, a 45-year-old breeder from Riverside, California claims he resurrect an ancient giant guard dog. Marcus declared himself both lucky and proud as he owns a 212 pound American Molossus dog.

Named Old World Sasquatch, the 18-month-old monster is the result of the breeder’s mission to bring back what he calls the ‘Old World Molossus’ breed, Barcroft reports.

The Molossus dogs is an extinct ancient breed native to Southern Europe. Initially used as guarding dogs, these dogs were later used in combat by the romans. Among the Tibetan Mastiff, Molossus are the most famous ancient dog breed.

“When people see Sasquatch, usually it is shock to be honest. Jaws drop. People are in shock and amazement when they see these giant beasts.

“When it comes to their body mass, bone structure, and overall size these dogs were never matched thousands of years ago and to this day they are unmatched, “Marcus told Barcroft Studios.

Some real beasts, Molossus can weight 180 to 200 pounds and they impress with their stature and incredible physic. However, Sasquatch already reached more than 212 pounds and according to his owner it is expected to reach around 220 pounds.

“We were expecting Sasquatch to originally be 185 to 200-plus pounds,” said Marcus. “Being the fact that he is young and already 212, we are expecting him to be probably around 220 pounds by four years old,” he said.

Despite its early age, the huge dog already outgrown the largest Mastiffs the famous breed had encountered, weighing no more than 190 pounds.

Aiming to resurrect the ancient breed, Marcus used the Old English Mastiff and Napoleon Mastiff. It is thought that both have a direct link with the Ancient Molossus.

“There are temperament differences in the breeds,” explained Marcus. “With English Mastiffs being a more passive dog and Napoleons being more of a tenacious stubborn alfa dog.

“You have to focus on the guardianship and the attributes of the dog and try to blend them together. These dogs are bred to be a close guardian and get in between you and an intruder and scare them away,“ said the breeder.

Marcus explains he was looking for the best guard dogs, but with a kind temperament. Actually those gentle giants are know for having “an even temperament, intimidating looks, and a social nature that can quickly turn menacing when faced with a threat.”

The dogs are dangerous if a person means harm,” he explained. “They were bred to defend like a giant security dog. If somebody comes into the property and means harm I would hate to be him.”

Watch this giant bellow!

Source: http://animals.barcroft.tv

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