Amazing Returns: The Cat and Other Pets Who Came Home Against All Expectations

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Most touching six real story stories about animals that managed to come back home after they got lost even if it took months or years to do that.

1. Bobbie’s amazing journey – “The Wondering Dog”. Imagine that you are a dog and tomorrow you wake up alone, hungry, at 3000 miles from your house. The only option you have is to try to go home. And that’s exactly what Bobbie did – “The Wonder Dog”, a hero of the state of Oregon, who became one of the most famous dogs in history after an incredible journey worthy of a Disney movie.

On February 2, 1924, the two-year-old dog appeared at the door of his masters, the Brazier family. What surprised them was the fact that Bobbie managed to return home, although six months ago, he had been lost during a trip to Indiana, 3000 miles from Oregon. If at first the authorities did not believe the story, after the research, the dog was declared a hero and became a legend, because he managed to walk this distance alone. Bobbie became a hero, being visited by over 40,000 people, receiving the keys of several cities, medals and even a role in a silent film.

2. Shane, the Akita dog who has “defeated a tsunami”. In Japan pets are extremely loved. On March 11, 2011, when the earthquake occurred in the southwest of the country, many Japanese were forced to flee the seismic waves and abandon their cats and dogs. But there was a dog who did not want to surrender in front of the huge waves, and went looking for his master.

Shane, an Akita Inu dog, was Kamata’s best companion to alert the population when a tsunami was close. The man then tried to get home and save his dog, but he could not because of strong waves. Kamata headed for a flood center, convinced that Shane had died.

But things did not really look like that. Feeling his master in jeopardy, Shane threw himself into the waters of the ocean, and although it was full debris, he succeeded and after a few hours he arrived at the center where his master was. The dog was full of cuts and strokes but he was saved.

3. Lucy the Turtle, who returned home after four years. If you want a pet that will not run away, you will certainly think of a turtle. However, you should think better. Lucy, a desert tortoise weighing about 30 pounds, managed to escape from the Wellington family garden in Brentwood (New Hampshire) in October 2006. The owners looked for Lucy everywhere but unsuccessfully.

Despite having a significant weight and being agile like a citizen coming out of a bar in the morning, Lucy managed to survive for four years in the New Hampshire environment. Specialists say that when it is drought, desert turtles build pits where they can stay for even a year until it rains. Most likely, Lucy built such a hole as a shelter for the cold of winter, and after four years it was found by a neighbor of the Wellington family, about 2 miles away.

4. Sophie, the dog that survived four months on a deserted island. In November 2009, Jane and Dave Griffith took their dog – Sophie Tucker – on a yacht trip around the Whitsunday Islands on the Australian coast. Sophie fell across the board, and after a few hours of searches the couple gave up, being convinced that their pet drowned or was been eaten by sharks. But Sophie survived after swimming five nautical miles, reaching a desert island.

There, the dog survived for four months, being finally found by the Coast Guard.

5. Yosuke, the parrot who returned home after telling people his home address. It is known that parrots are intelligent beings. The Nakamura family in Japan has discovered the disadvantages you have when trying to hold a genius behind the bars after their Yosuke African Gray parrot has managed to escape from the cage. Unlike a dog, when a bird flies, it is unlikely that she returns home.

And yet Yosuke succeeded. After making a tour of Japan, the parrot came into the hands of animal carers who, for unknown reasons, handed it over to the police. Because the parrot “refused to speak” at the police station, the police decided to give it to veterinarians. Shortly after arriving at the clinic, Yosuke became very talkative. It seems the bird made veterinarians laugh, singing children songs. A few days later, Yosuke made a long break and said, “I am Mr. Yosuke Nakamura,” and he gave the exact address of his master, even knowing the street number. To the surprise of the veterinarians, the address was real, and Yosuke could meet again with Nakamura.

6. Dixie, the cat who returned home after nine years. Dixie had already lived a full life until 1999 when he was 6 years old. Dixie was a quiet cat sitting all day looking at the children of the neighbors until he disappeared inexplicably. After a few months, the cat’s owners accepted that the animal had died. Of course Mrs. Gilly Delaney was glad when one day she got a phone call that the cat was found. It is extraordinary that the cat was found after nine years.

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