After 25 years in the circus, a bear takes a shower happily


The circuses are wrong for so many reasons. Poor wild animals that supposed to freely roam in the wild are forced to perform tricks with the only purpose to entertain people. Toshka had also been through such a terrible experience. For over 25 years, this old bear was part of a circus. But after a lifetime in cage, Toshka was finally rescue and the way he takes advantage of the moment is truly heart-warming.

Screenshot/ Youtube

The rescue bear was recently taken to a sanctuary in Satanov, Ukraine – a place where he finally gets the chance to live peacefully for the rest of his life. A life that Toshka is apparently fully enjoying. But it wasn’t like this from the beginning. A few days after he arrived at the sanctuary, the poor bear was so scared he stayed hidden all day long. But as soon as he realized everyone here is offering him nothing but love and comfort, Toshka revealed who really is – a friendly, gentle giant.

“Toshka was very afraid of people: he didn’t leave the bushes for two weeks,” a staff member said. “Most of his life he was a circus bear, but now he’s here for rehabilitation and life support.”

Screenshot/ Youtube

Now, the rescued bear can’t get enough of the sunny days and the shower he’s been spoiled with. A recent footage shows Toshka enjoying a cool shower in the sun. With the recent temperatures in Ukraine higher than 95 degrees, it is no wonder why Toshka is enjoying it so much.

“Care and attention melted his heart,” another member of the staff said.”Now his favourite pastime is to shower in the sun. He takes a sitting position and is ready to sit for hours.” Watch Toshka enjoying his new favorite routine:

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