Adorable Puppy Steals the Show by Chasing Google Street View Camera

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You probably know that feeling when peacefully walking your dog and then he suddenly dart into the middle of the street, pulling you along with him. Dogs tend to have their attention distracted in a really fast manner. They also have this weird obsession with cars and there’s nothing they love most then chasing them.

So, imagine what happens when there is a car that is looking completely different. Like the Google street view car, for example.

Google Street View is sometimes really helpful and occasionally extremely delightful. It captured people is some of the most weird ways possible. But when it catches a puppy? Then it must be one hundred times better.

A little dog is winning everyone’s hearts for chasing a Google Street View car in Kumage, Japan. And while the puppy became an internet sensation, he also managed to ruin every frame captured as some may say. In fact the curious dog didn’t ruin anything. All he does was to add some extra dimension to the pictures.

In the second the dog make his appearance into the view you know something adorable is about to happen. According to SORA News 24, the dog has become a bit of a sensation on blogs dedicated to obsessively cataloging Google Street View. And people reactions are as expected:

I laughed so hard when I saw how far it chased the car!”
“It’s so cute!”
“It looks like it’s saying, ‘What’s this that’s come down my road?’”
“As soon as it sees the odd-looking car, it knows something’s up.”

Our dog seems to be very determinate as he is following the Google car to the end of the road. It is incredible how a dog could make your day much more better!

h/t: distractify

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