Adorable pair of ‘spirit moose’ spotted on Canadian highway (Video)

The other day, Nicole Leblanc and her husband Maurice, a couple from northern Ontario, Canada, were driving to Foleyet when witnessed an incredible sight. It was a quiet morning and the traffic was very easy on the Canadian Highway 101, when all of a sudden Nicole spotted two beautiful creatures upfront.

Nicole Leblanc

A pair of rare white moose was crossing the highway right in front of this couple, who couldn’t watching these beauties. Thankfully, they captured the rare sight on camera and the footage went viral. “People are amazed,” the couple said. “It’s not every day that you get to see it and I was able to tape it … it’s a beauty to see!”

Although sights of white moose are pretty common in Canada, there’s always a blessing to encounter these special creatures, also known as “spirit” or “ghost” moose. Apparently, unlikely of other white moose spotted in the northern wilderness, these two – first spotted in 20018 – don’t suffer of albinism as initially thought.

Nicole Leblanc

It turns out that their snowy white coat is due to a recessive gene called the Armstrong White Gene Strain. That cause rather leucism than albinism. That leads to a partial lost of pigmentation. Either way, a white moose is always a sight to behold.

You can watch this unique encounter, bellow!

Thankfully, in Canada it is illegal to hunt white moose. Since 1997, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation prohibits the hunt of a moose that is more than 50% white.

Source FoxNews

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