Adorable moment mother bobcat and her kittens discover a rooftop camera


While so many of us fear to get anywhere close to a wild creature, some are ready to go above and beyond only for a glimpse of it. This homeowner in Tucson, Arizona, is definitely the animal enthusiast type, so when he noticed a bobcat family was visiting his rooftop, he hurried to set up a camera to catch some adorable footages with the uninvited guests; and he wasn’t disappointed!


The man just moved in for nearly two years now, and he again noticed some bobcats turned the rooftop of his house into their playground. In his first year, the resident spotted a mother bobcat and her kittens there, but only with a few occasions. Nonetheless, he presumed the wild cat gave birth to her litter of kittens on his rooftop. So this year, he decided to set up a camera in case they will return.


But guess what, one of the last year’s babies returned with now her very owner litter, and this guy has never been happier. So, he decided to share the world some of the adorable footages he managed to capture. Taking Reddit, the man known as user littlebill246 constantly shared updates about the lovely family that turned his rooftop into their own home.


“This is the second year I’ve owned the house and the second time this happens,” the man wrote on Reddit. “This bobcat is smaller than last year’s mom so I can only think that it’s actually one of the kittens from the last year.”

The man declared himself more than happy to share his house with these adorable wild cats, and he won’t bother them!


“The little space under the roof is actually where she gave birth,” the man wrote. “I don’t want to do anything more than just put up a camera. They are wild animals and needed to be treated as such and can’t get used to humans.”

But the camera he set up, apparently aroused the bobcats’ curiosity, so when they noticed the ‘new’ thing, they just went for a short inspection. The moment was caught on video and it is so heartwarming; and, of course littlebill246 shared it online. Take a look:

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