Adorable moment a toddler dressed up as a lion cub meets a real lion at zoo

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We all know that kids and cats are getting along very well. However, I would never thought a toddler will bring so much joy to a big wild cat. Yet, when this cute little kid meets a lion at Atalanta zoo, the outcome is nothing but heartwarming.

An 11-month-old toddler dressed up like a lion cub pays a visit to the Atalanta zoo with his parents and godfather Cami Fanning. While for most of the visitors just seeing the cute little kid was already adorable enough, little did they know the toddler’s visit would turn into such a lovely scene.

“My close friend and I took our 11 month old godson to Zoo Atlanta for a little god family outing,” Cami wrote in the video’s caption. “Our godson’s name is Aryeh, which means lion in Hebrew, so his mom packed his lion costume.”

When they arrived at the lions’ enclosure, the kid, named Aryeh stopped in front of the glass wall and started to stare at the huge wild cat from the other side. But apparently, the big lion was even more fascinated by its visitor, then otherwise. “The lions were immediately interested in our little lion cub, and it wasn’t long before they couldn’t stand their curiosity any longer and came right up to the glass,” the godfather wrote.

Shortly after Cami uploaded the adorable footage online, it went viral stealing hearts of millions. “Aryeh was completely unfazed and interacted with the lions for a few minutes,” the man wrote. “It was incredible! Definitely a great memory from our first little godfamily outing.”

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