Adorable Lion Cub Sneaks Up On Dog and Gives Him a Big Fright

Just like kids love surprising their friends with a playful scare, animals have their fun too! This mischievous lion cub, living at Cornellskop Animal Training Farm in South Africa, decided to give it a try. She spied on her canine friends, sneaking up on them with the stealth of a cat on the prowl. While one dog caught on to her antics and wandered off, the other was in for quite the surprise!

This farm not only trains animals for film and television but also provides them with a caring and social environment. The videographer shares on YouTube, “All our animals are loved, cared for, and socialize with one another often – as seen in the clip.” Moreover, Cornellskop is devoted to collaborating with conservationists and welfare associations, ensuring the well-being of rescued and unwanted animals. Enjoy this hilarious video and don’t forget to share the laughter!

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